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Martin Oliver Christensen

eCommerce Specialist
Designing business around customer experince

What I can do for you is...

Social Media

Social Media

...create a social media strategy to raise brand awareness and identify important touch points to potential customers in the passive stage.

CRO & Personalisation

...shape the experince around the customer, create focus around the actions you want from the customer, reduce friction and remove barriers.

Front-end Webdesign

...create the website that you want. By understanding the goal and identety of the website, I can build the optimal websolution for your company.

With a flair for trends and web-development, combined with an in depth knowledge of CRO and Personalisation principles, I will take on any web-site challenge. From creating a digital strategy from scratch to consulting on small tweaks and tricks, I am specialised in creating web platforms.  


Check out my current and prevoius project, within web-design, Conversion, Personalisation and Grapich Design

Min Hvide Skjorte
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Phone: +45 22459854

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